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Now open to the public by appointment only . Our solar centre shows a working commercial Solar PV system. We offer free advise with a technical advisors on hand to help you choose the best options for you , we can desgin and offer a free estimating service on site.


Greg Barker former energy Minister meets ecocommercial's MD in houses of Commons

John Adorno ecocommercial's MD Meets Greg Barker in the houses of commons (see photo) Greg Barker former energy minister for the government continues to put his full support behind the UK solar industry.

His speech discussed his support for more solar to be installed on public and large commercial buildings and a continued growth on the UK domestic PV market. The targets of emissions for the UK would not be achieved unless more investment in renewable energy was supported.  

John was invited to attend the houses of parliament with other invited guests from the renewable energy industry to attend the houses of Parliament to meet Greg Barker. John commented '' It’s great to know the future is bright for the solar market especially after such a tough economic time.