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Who we are.

EcoCommercial is one of the leading solar companies in the UK specialising in helping the commercial sector to capture the sun...

What we do.

We are experts in helping headteachers and leadership teams to bring solar into their school with no fuss.

ecocommercial- offering commercial energy solutions to UK architects, developers, building contractors & councils

New build homes & housing estates

We are experts in designing, supplying and fitting solar schemes on new housing estate projects.

Commercial units

Find out how much you could save with one of Ecocommercial's proven solar installations.

Government buildings

We have experience working in partnership with local authorities on schools and other government buildings.

Community centres & sports clubs

Ecocommercial offers high quality, great value solar systems for rugby clubs, football clubs and more.

If the roof of your business premises is suitable, we can offer you option to fit a complete bespoke solar pv system, completely free of charge. Your business can benefit from solar with no upfront capital investment by taking out one of our two specialist Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) packages where the finance is paid off by selling the excess electricity generated by your new solar system back to the grid, via the Government backed 'feed-in tariff'. In addition, your business will benefit from free electricity immediately and for years to come. We know it sounds too good to be true so we have included testimonials from some of our clients... Click HERE to read more.

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Power output/Income guarantee in Partnership with Autarco

Ecocommercial Ltd are one of the only companies who can offer a PV system that guarantees kWh generation.  Whatever the UK weather, we will still guarantee that you will have no cash shortfall from the Government FIT's.

Every solar pv installation comes with a certificate which guarantees the yield per year for 5-10 years. All systems are continuously monitored so we know what the actual AC power output is and we will know if it is less than the guaranteed kWh originally specified. If this kWh generation shortfall was to occur, we would compensate the cash shortfall for the difference. No other solar company can offer this!

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Ecocommercial makes it simple to bring solar power to your business. Based in Milton Keynes, we are experts at installing solar pv systems. We offer customised options for your industrial/commercial requirements. Your solar pv system once installed pays for itself by generating free electricity for your business. You will also recieve additional cash payments for all the enrgy you produce via the government backed 20 year 'Feed-In Tarriff scheme'.

Make it simple

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