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Community & Sports Clubs

All sports clubs have potential to generate their own PV energy  

Ecocommercial understands that funds are often tight at the UK's community and sports clubs and it is essential that any cash the club do have is invested wisely.

Solar panels are a brilliant, eco-friendly and treasurer-friendly solution. The club will no longer have large electricity bills to pay. In fact, your club will be making an annual income from selling energy via the government's feed-in tariff.

Ecocommercial is a solar panel specialist with all the experience and expertise you need to make money from solar panels fitted to the roof of your sports club or community centre.

As well as designing the optimum system for your club building, our expert team can offer a complete breakdown of costs and a forecast of the system's performance - and even bespoke finance packages.

We understand that the game has to carry on and our fitters and engineers will make sure they work around your club as far as possible and, after the installation you will not know we have been there - apart from the new solar panels on the roof.

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Photo taken by John Adorno with permission of Bletchley Rugby Club .

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